St Clair
Dunedin City

Listed 11 months ago

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Property Details

Dunedin City

Built In
N/A 577 m²
(6,209 sq.ft.)

Beautifully Refurbished - Close to the Beach


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@property (readonly) unsigned long hash;
@property (readonly) Class superclass;
@property (readonly, copy) NSString* description;
@property (readonly, copy) NSString* debugDescription;
@property (readonly) unsigned long hash;
@property (readonly) Class superclass;
@property (readonly, copy) NSString* description;
@property (readonly, copy) NSString* debugDescription;
@property (readonly, retain) id autoContentAccessingProxy;
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Air Conditioning
Single Garage
More than 2 living areas

Deadline Marketing Details

Location: Metro Realty Ltd, 311 Highgate, Roslyn, Dunedin
Time: Thursday 7th December - 3pm

Sales Consultants

Craig Palmer

Metro Realty MREINZ
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (REAA 2008)
Member of the REINZ
Phone: 03 477 6838
Mobile: 021 702 225
Email: Loading...

Jill Palmer (Admin)
Phone: 03 4776838

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1070 sm
Ewen Livingstone
021 1216516
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